Would you like a Work Experience Placement?

Here are a few examples of the tasks available to help grow your skills. Are you interested?

*Answering the phone and/or emails                                *Assisting with Childcare

*Teaching Assistant                                                           *Painting or decorating

*Waiting on tables                                                              *Assisting in beauty care

*Delivery Driving                                                                *Call Centre experience

*Outdoor Work                                                                   *Animal Care

*Retail                                                                                 *Any other work experience

For job seekers over the age of 19. You could be gaining work experience for a day per week, or half a day, or even two days per week . Make a difference to your chances of employment today.

Talk to your Job Club Tutor or Contact us or the WEX Co-ordinator Teresa Barton: teresa.barton@poole.gov.uk or telephone 01202 262316.