What to Consider When Comparing Personal Loans

If you are looking to take out a personal loan, then you should be aware that there are lots of lenders which will offer them. You might be tempted to use a lender that you have heard of or the first one that you find. However, it is a good idea to compare the different loans. You should do this with all financial products, or actually with everything that you are buying. There are lots of reasons for this and the main reasons for doing this with a personal loan are explained below.


The cost is probably the main thing that people will be interested in when comparing loans. This is very sensible although it should not be the only thing that you concentrate on. Loans can often have charges in several ways, either interest or interest and fees. It is therefore really wise to make sure that you check this out carefully and ensure that you know exactly how much the loan will cost you. It could be easy to do this using a calculator on the lenders website or to ask the lender directly. Having the exact figure will mean that you will be able to properly compare the different options that you have and you know exactly how much each will cost you.


It is worthwhile thinking about whether you can afford to repay the loan. You should find out exactly what you have to repay and when and then you will be able to find out. Do not just look at this figure and assume that you will be able to afford to repay though. You need to make sure that you investigate this properly though. You may look at the figure and think that it will be fine, but you should make sure that you look carefully at your bank statements and see whether you really will have enough to manage. Also, whether you will have enough to manage to pay for everything else that you need as well.

How Much you Can Borrow

It is worth checking whether you will be able to borrow as much money as you need. You will find that lenders may differ in how much they lend. They may also differ in how much they will lend to first time borrowers. Some will lend less the first time, to build up trust with that borrower before they then go on and lend them more money. It can therefore be worth asking them how much they will be prepared to lend you so that you can check.


You may want to check out more information about the specific lender. Some people might want to look at their website, look at some reviews and maybe contact their customer services so that you can decide whether you feel that they are a good lender and will suit you.

This may seem like a lot of things to look into, but you may even have other things that you want to check out first. It is well worth thinking about this and finding out as much as you can as well as thinking about your requirements. It can make a really big difference if you find a lender which matches your needs really closely and so it worth doing the research first as it will enhance your borrowing experience and make it more likely to be a positive one. You should find that it will mean that you will not end up paying more than necessary, it will be easier to repay and you will have a more suitable lender which will make the overall experience better.

Should I Use Short Term Loans?

There are lots of loans around and if you want to borrow money then you will have a lot of choice. There are all sorts of things that you should be aksing yourself so that you can check whether you are doing the right thing. It is a good idea to start by thinking about whether borrowing is the right idea, then looking at the types of loans and choosing between them.

Should I Borrow at all?

It is a good idea to think about why you are borrowing. Consider whether what you are buying is worth the cost of borrowing. This will be a personal decision but normally borrowing should be used in emergencies or to buy expensive things that you would never otherwise afford but will help you to improve your situation – such as mortgages and student loans. However, people have lots of reasons for borrowing and it is worth thinking aboutw hat your reason is to decide if you feel you should be borrowing to buy that thing.

Borrowing also has a cost, not only can it be expensive and even if it is cheap you will always have to pay for it. It also might be stressful for some people. If you feel in control of you borrowing then it will not be stressful but this is not always the case, It is important to make sure that you know what you are taking on. Have a good understanding of how much you will need to repay and when, how much you will be charged and then look at your finances. Work out whether you will be able to manage the repayments and also think about the cost in terms of the value for money that you think you are getting form the loan. Then you will be able to know whether borrowing is right for you.

Knowing which loan to choose can be a great help.

Which Loan to Choose?

Choosing the loan is important because it can have a big influence on your borrowing experience, especially with short term loans. If you choose one that is too expensive or hard to repay then it will a stressful time for you but if you get one that offers good value for money and that you can repay easily, then it will be a good experience. Therefore, you need to think hard about your choice. You will be parted limited by your credit rating. If you have a low rating, then you will only be able to choose no credit loans, such as payday loans or other short term loans. These can be more expensive but the lenders are taking more a risk which is why they charge more. However, they are very quick to arrange which can be very convenient and you repay quickly with most types, which means that you will not be in debt for long.

It is important to look at all loan types though and get an idea of how they work, how much you can borrow, when and how much you need to repay etc. This will enable you to make the right choice. Once you have chosen a loan, then you need to pick between lenders as this can also be important and you will need to make sure that you find one that suits you. They will all vary a little bit and you need to check out the differences. Costs will vary a bit and also you might want a lender with good reviews and good customer service so you might want to look into that as well. It will take some time but it will be worth it as it could make a significant difference to your borrowing experience and make a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

Should I Use Guarantor Loans to Pay for a Deposit?

If you need to pay a deposit for a rental property or a mortgage. Then you will need to come up with a significant chunk of money. It is not easy to find money like this and there are different options available for you. It is good to think through them all so that you are sure that you are making the right decision. There is no one right answer, as we are all in different circumstances and so you need to think about the options in terms of your situation so that you can make the best possible decision for you.

Save Up

The option that a lot of people will use is to save up money. If you already have savings, then you could use those or you could use them as a start and save up more. Saving money does take self-discipline, you will need to commit to putting money into a savings account every month so that you are able to build up enough money for the deposit.

It can be hard to spend money that you have made a lot of effort to save, this is because you might be saving up for something specific that you are looking forward to buying or just because it has taken a lot of effort for you to make the savings. Therefore, you may need to make a big effort to part with this money or you may want to save up different money so that you are able to use that and keep the savings that you have. It can take time, either way, to save up the money that you need and you may be impatient to get on and secure a property, particularly if there is one that you really want.  

Borrow Money

A quicker option could be to borrow the money that you need. This will allow you to be able to get the money within a few weeks or perhaps sooner. You will be able to then pay for the deposit without having to have any savings at all or by being able to keep the savings that you have.

There are lots of possible loans that you could use for this as well. It is good to make sure that you pick the most suitable that you can. You need to start by thinking about what is available to you. If you have a good credit record then you will be able to pick between all lenders. However, if you have a poor credit record then you will be more restricted and you will need to think about which loans will be available for you. There are some loans designed especially for those people with a poor credit rating such as payday loans and guarantor loans. The payday loans will lend up to £1,000 normally and guarantor loans between £1,000 and £10,000 so you will be able to pick the right one depending on how much your deposit is.

The main thing to be aware of when using a loan is how much you will have to repay and when. You will find that you will of course have to repay the loans that you take out and a lot of them will have monthly repayments. This means that you will need to make sure that you can come up with a monthly payment. This will be in addition to paying your rent or mortgage and covering all of your other bills. It is wise to calculate how much this will all add up to and consider whether you will have enough money to be able to afford to do this before you sign up for the loan. This is because if you miss any payments on the loan, you will end up with charges to pay which could be really expensive. You will also find that you could struggle to pay other things as well and you could end up in all sorts of trouble. However, if you plan well and are confident that you can afford the loan, then it can be a good option for you.

Who are no Credit Check Loans for?

There are lots of types of loans and some are better for some purposes than others. This means that you might look at certain types of loans and think about whether you should be picking them or not. This is something that you should do, because you want to make sure that you get the very best loan for you. You may feel that it is good to think about who different loans are most suitable for, so that you can decide on which ones will be the best for you. Most loans do not specify a specific purpose that they can be used for, apart form mortgages and student loans and a few others. However, there are certain loans that will be more suitable for certain purposes than others. It is good to think about what the main features are of each loan and then you will be able to think about who and what they might be best for.

Can be Quick to Arrange

A no credit check loan can be really quick to arrange. This is because these sorts of loans were specifically designed to help those that have an emergency situation and need money fast. Some of them can even be arranged in a few hours. This means that if you do need money really quickly then you will be able to get it if you use this sort of loan. Therefore, it can be suitable for people that are in a real hurry to get their money.

Do not Need a Good Credit Record

Many loans require that we need a good credit record so that we can borrow money. This is because the lender is checking to make sure that they can trust you. You will need to meet their requirements in order for them to lend to you. This means that you will need to show that they can trust you. Different lenders have different requirements but it is likely that they will want you to be able to show that you are capable of repaying things like loans or making regular payments such as direct debits and that will help them to be able to trust you. They will also look for any difficulties you have had with finances in the past, such as not managing loan repayments and that will work against you. Each lender will have different criteria so it can be hard to know if you will be able to be accepted by them. However, if you have not had a good past with money you will probably be aware of whether your credit record is likely to be good or bad and if it is bad then you will know that you may be turned down for some loans. A no Credit Check Loan will not focus on this and so it could be useful for anyone with a poor credit rating.

Are for Small Amounts

The loans are for small amounts, usually just up to £1000. This means that you will need to think about how much money you need and whether this will suit you. You need to consider that you will be better off in some ways borrowing a smaller amount as it will be easier to repay but you will also need to make sure that it will be enough money to cover your needs. It is really handy not being forced to borrow a massive amount, which you may be with some loans as then you owe more money which can be more daunting and more expensive.

So basically, these loans are for people who have a poor credit report or need money quickly and only need to borrow a small amount of money.

How to Find the Best Payday Loans

There are lots of companies offering payday loans and it can therefore be confiding knowing how to pick the best one. If you are considering a payday loan, like with all borrowing, it is really good to make sure that you are getting good value for money. There are lots of possible things that you should look out for when you are calculating this. Many people may just focus on the price and of course this is an important element, but getting the cheapest loan, will not mean that you necessarily get the best value for money. You need to think about what you need in a loan and make sure that it matches all of your requirements. The sorts of things that you might want to consider are discussed below.

Interest Rate

Many borrowers will look at the interest rate when they are looking at loans. This is because it is an easy way to compare them as it is a figure that is often quoted in advertising material and on websites. It is also a figure that comparison websites use so it is no wonder that many of us think that it is the right way to compare loans. However, it can have it problems. Firstly, it is worth noting that interest rates can be calculated in two ways. For example, APR means the Annual Percentage Rate and this is the interest rate. However, some loans have an AER which is the Annual Equivalent Rate. This is the interest plus any other fees that you get charged such as administration fees, so it is a better way to compare. However, if you are comparing different types of interest rate then it does not give you a clear figure.

Total Cost

It is therefore much better to actually calculate the total cost of the loan. This will include the interest and fees that will be charged for the full term of the loan. Then you can compare the different loans and you will know exactly how much you will pay for each and which will be the cheapest. This can give you a much better picture about the loans, but there might be other factors that you want to consider as well.

Repayment Requirements

It is worth finding out about how the loans need to be repaid. Most payday loans require a lump sum repayment on the day that you get paid. This means that you have to repay the full amount that you have borrowed plus all of the costs in one go. However, there are some which let you pay in instalments. These tend to be more expensive because you are borrowing for longer however, it can be much easier to manage the repayments this way, so it is worth considering whether this is a good option for you or not.


There are things that you might want to consider with regards to the lender as well. You might want to read some reviews about them or ask other people about then so that you can find out a bit more. Many payday lenders are not well-known so it is wise to be cautious. You could also have a look at their website to find out more about them as well. Consider what might be important to you in a good lender. For many people it might be that they have good customer service and you can contact their customer service department yourself and you will be able to find out what they are like. Alternatively you might want to find out how long they have been established, which you should be able to do online and what other people think of them, which again, you should be able to find out form reviews online.

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