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Skills & Learning works with partners to deliver learning to people and groups, aged 19+, who do not normally access mainstream courses. The Project and Partnership Fund is opened to bids from Third Sector and community organisations that are able to provide innovative learning opportunities to learners from priority groups particularly from areas of deprivation as measured in the government deprivation indices.

The Project and Partnership Fund 2018/19 will be open for bids late spring 2018.

The aim of the Project and Partnership Fund is:

  • To deliver high quality teaching and learning to meet individual community needs with a particular focus on workless people wanting to improve their skills and return to work or to re-engage in the community
  • To encourage those who would not normally see themselves as learners to access learning, increase their self esteem and confidence and develop their life and work skills
  • Offer pre-employment support and training to prepare adults for employment
  • To offer those with special needs and without formal qualifications a bridge back into learning
  • To offer a clear progression route through learning which will attract and interest the participants into further learning
  • To offer innovative learning opportunities that will engage those who do not see the benefit of learning

Projects awarded funding in 2017/18 are:

Bournemouth and Poole – Innervision

The aims of the project: This project aims to work in partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council Children’s Centres and Bournemouth Schools and Poole Borough Children’s Centres in line with their remit to improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities between families in greatest need by providing quality and evidence based programmes for personal development. The programmes focus on improving confidence, communication skills and bonding within family relationships. Trained coaches lead workshops that support the development of individual skills in confidence, assertiveness, stress management, goal setting and communication skills aimed at helping individuals confidently into work, volunteering or education goals.

Dorset – EDAS

This project aims to work in partnership with Dorset County Council Schools and Children Centres to raise the aspirations, knowledge and skills of parents with complex needs and those families that come under the Dorset Families Matters criteria. The Family Support Programme is made up of specialist workshops aiming to equip those families with information and skills in order to prevent further social, physical and emotional issues in the future and thereby reducing the potential impact on social care services.

Bournemouth People First and Magdalen

Bournemouth People First   

The aims of the project: The purpose is to develop understanding and skills that promote independent living for adults with learning disabilities. The project aims to enable learners to: (i) enhance relationships (ii) make informed choices (iii) improve communication skills (iv) be safe in the community The learning focuses on sexual health and relationship making to enable learners to better engage personally and socially with their local community. The need for this learning stems from the work of the Relationship Action Group from the Bournemouth and Poole Learning Disability Partnership Board and is supported by all members including Poole Borough Council, Poole Forum and Dorset NHS Foundation Trust. The LDP Big Plan highlights Relationships as one of the 3 key priorities for action to improve community access and engagement.

Magdalen Farm

The aims of the project: 23 adults with learning disabilities will learn new coping skills, interpersonal skills and practical skills, leading them into a more independent future, moving into or substantially towards volunteering, employment or independent living. The project’s secondary aim is 5 adults employed or volunteering in the care sector will become trained in supporting volunteering for adults with learning disabilities. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Bournemouth Dorset and Poole gives an estimate for the number of adults with learning disabilities: over 14,000 adults, including both those in learning and those not in learning.

Essential Drug and Alcohol Service (EDAS) 

The aims of the project: The aim is to raise the aspirations of ‘hard to reach learners’ who have a history of substance use or misuse with a specific goal of re-entry into employment, education or involvement in a voluntary capacity as a stepping stone towards paid work.

The Raising Aspirations Course provides 30 hours of workshops to include a community engagement activity which takes learners through a process of building confidence, learning to operate successfully within a team, developing a greater understanding of community activities in their local area, to mapping pathways into employment and/or further education or volunteering, whilst at the same time reinforcing Maths, English, good CV writing and ICT skills.

Many of our marginalised learners have had negative schooling and education experiences so these first steps back into education are vital for their own futures and for their children and wider family.  EDAS has embedded a culture and ethos which is Grow, Progress, Achieve and Empower.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Training (DAIT)

The aims of the project: The aim is to deliver free domestic abuse courses in the local community that empower clients who have been in abusive relationships, with lifelong skills, tools and techniques to effectively make healthy choices for themselves and their children.

The course helps clients to understand what they have been through and the effects this has had on their mental health and wellbeing. The courses are also designed to help clients understand how an abusive relationship can affect family life, Parenting skills and relationships with other people. The courses help those that attend to avoid repeat victimisation by recognising the ‘signs’ and by helping to build self-confidence and self-esteem.