Social Media Guidelines

We are delighted to be strengthening our expertise across the county of Dorset to develop a dynamic menu of exciting and inspiring personal and professional development opportunities. We are now promoting these opportunities through social media channels, including Facebook & Twitter.


We request that people who use our social media channels to contact us follow these guidelines:

  • be civil, tasteful and relevant
  • don’t post messages that are unlawful, libellous, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or racially offensive
  • don’t swear
  • don’t post content copied from elsewhere, for which you do not own the copyright
  • don’t post the same message, or very similar messages, more than once (also called “spamming”)
  • don’t publicise your, or anyone else’s, personal information, such as contact details
  • don’t advertise products or services
  • don’t impersonate someone else
  • don’t post any political comments

We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any disruptive, offensive or abusive posts that do not follow these guidelines. In the event that these guidelines are not followed, we reserve the right to blocks accounts.

Monitoring accounts, responding and replying

We monitor our Skills & Learning Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole social media accounts during normal office hours (Monday to Thursday, 9:00am to 5.00pm, Friday 9:00am to 4.30pm).

These accounts are managed by a select team who will sometimes send your questions off to other service units to find out information for you. This means that it may sometimes take a while before we can get back to you.

We cannot respond to all your comments but even if we do not reply, we are listening and will pass on your comments as appropriate.

In most cases, it will be better to contact the service directly through our e-mail address:

We share or retweet information that we think will be of interest or of use to our Learners and Partners.

We follow or like people who provide information relevant to our work or those whose information we can pass on for the benefit of our Learners and Partners.

Please don’t be offended if we don’t follow or like your account, or don’t share or retweet your content.

Any retweets, follows, shares or likes are not an endorsement of a service, individual or organisation. We do not take responsibility for any content on pages or profiles we have shared.