I want to take on a trainee/offer a placement– contact Wendy Maggs on 01202 262381 for more information.

I want to be a Trainee – follow the link or contact us on 01202 262300.

Please read our Infomation Pack for traineeships

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Traineeship programmes are designed to prepare young people, 16 – 24 year olds, for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

They are ideal for 16-24 year olds who are already motivated to get a job but need help to gain skills and experience to help move forward.

The programme itself is made up of different elements.

Firstly, trainees will attend work preparation training. This may include learning timekeeping and organisation skills, personal presentation skills and even things like confidence building.

Secondly, trainees will have maths and English support to help work towards a recognised qualification.

Thirdly, trainees will undertake a meaningful work placement which will provide insight and experience of the world of work. Ongoing support will be provided by the Employer as well as the mentor/tutor.

Towards the end of the placement, trainees will be given support to write their CV and prepare for a mock job interview. The Employer will carry out an ‘interview’ and provide helpful feedback. There may be opportunities to move onto an Apprenticeship or gain paid employment! Employers will provide you with a reference to help you apply for other jobs as well.

Trainees will be given support to help make choices as where to go next in their career. Our experienced team will help trainees decide what other training is right for them after their placement has ended.

 We are also in partnership with BCHA, Ansbury and AbilitiesHere’s an information pack for traineeships

Are you an employer? Have you thought about taking on a trainee or offering a work placement.

We are looking for work placements for our Trainees. Please contact Wendy Maggs  on 01202 262381 for more information.