West Howe Craft Club

 West Howe Craft Club

The group were fully involved in the Christmas community day with two members turning up early to set up their stall and others visiting during the day with their children. Some parents who had for personal reasons started the course but not attended further sessions, also came to see the stall and to say that they were keen to restart if another venture was on offer. 

The group raised over £110 from their crafts, and friends and family donated items that were added to their own.  Individual successes were linked to an increased confidence in sewing and other craft skills, as well as having the confidence to speak to the public and visiting dignitaries about their project. 

One learner said that she hadn’t thought she was particularly ‘crafty’, but had been able to learn some skills that she could use to be creative with her children, and that this is now working really well and she now loves making things. 

During the community day several new contacts were made with parents and their children, who expressed an interest in becoming involved in activities at the Children’s Centre, and networks were developed with professionals who will be able to help the group with further enterprise training. 

Funds raised (which resulted in a profit) may be used to purchase further resources and materials for future projects.